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I look forward to capturing your memories through timeless images. I offer a wide variety of photographic services to include sports, high school seniors, and families. I guarantee satisfaction, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times.
Senior Photo Sessions
Team Photo Sessions
Photo Books
Graduation Announcements
Posters, Collages and Vinyl Banners
Sport Programs (Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and more)
Banquet Videos
Highlight Videos for Basketball
Retouching and Digitalizing Images

Senior Session Prices
Please email me for prices at

Basic Pricing for Prints and Digital Downloads
Prices are for lustre paper. Shipping and handling fees will be added to the order. Many additional sizes and options are available. Please contact me for pricing on unlisted products.

Print Sizes Price ($)   Poster/Collage Sizes Price ($)
4 x 6
5 x 7
8 x 10
11 x 14
8 wallet size
  8 x 10 collage
11 x 14
12 x 18
16 x 20
20 x 30

Digital Downloads
Web-size l
ow resolution (72 ppi) (Social media, phones, web use) - $5
Low resolution (social media, 4x6 and 5x7 prints) - $8
High resolution (8x10 prints and larger) - $10

Additional Products
I offer a full array of products such as graduation cards, magnets, mugs, metal prints, photo books, and gallery wraps.

Metallic Paper
The glossy finish and metallic-looking appearance of this paper create images with exceptional visual interest and depth. Metallic Paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers to produce outstanding, lasting images on an ultra-bright background. It provides extreme sharpness, brightness, and color saturation with an intense black density that increases visual appeal.

Photo Books
I can create photo books in a number of different sizes. Prices vary depending on a number of factors to include cover images, page count, paper quality, and whether it is a hardcover or softcover. All photo books are made from archival quality paper that provides rich colors and fine detail. You can put a photo of your choice on the cover and you can add more than one photo per page. 

Metal Prints
Aluminyzed metal prints infuse your images right into the surface of a specially treated sheet of high-gloss aluminum for a look that you'll need to see firsthand to truly appreciate. The result of the process are rich vibrant colors, added depth, and an incredible level of detail that can't be matched by conventional paper prints. Metal prints come ready to hang with a floating mount that suspends your image away from the surface of the wall. Metal prints are not the same as prints on metallic paper.

Gallery Wraps
Fine art canvas gallery wraps are a stylish low-cost alternative to traditional framing. Images are printed using archival inks on museum-quality, fine art canvas and then treated with a coating to protect the surface from scratches and light. Canvases can be stretched to cover the deep sides of the sturdy wood frame. The gallery wrap print arrives at your home ready to display.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you travel to take photos?
Yes. I am happy to travel within a 60 mile radius of my studio in Gainesville, Georgia in order to create images that use settings that are familiar to you – lakes, parks, gardens, fields, and more.

Should I bring accessories and/or to the photo session?
Accessories and/or props can definitely enhance a photo session. They can be a statement about you. Please feel free to bring props like hats, boots, jewelry, scarves, musical instruments, cars or trucks, sunglasses, sports equipment, dance costumes, hunting equipment, cell phones, art supplies, blankets, stuffed animals, flowers, and ....... the list is endless and personal. Accessorize your outfits to reflect your style.

What clothes should I bring to the photo session?
First and foremost, wear clothing that you like. You are the final judge as to what you like to wear and that's fine.

Should I get my hair styled for the picture session?
If you are going to cut your hair, then do so at least one week prior to your appointment.

Any tips about makeup?
Wear makeup as you would normally. A touch of foundation will smooth skin tones. Mascara will make your eyes stand out.

Do I need to worry about blemishes?
I can remove blemishes on purchased products.

Should I get a good tan before the session?
Try to avoid too much exposure to the sun. Tan lines and sunburns are often impossible to retouch.

Should I worry about shoes?
Don't worry about changing shoes very often for each outfit. Most of the shots are close up and don't include your feet.

Do you have TIPS for What to Wear?
Below are some tips that you might consider as you select what to wear and please remember that it is okay to bring several clothing changes. These are just guidelines and are not meant to be hard and fast rules that can't be broken.
1. Casual clothing tends to compliment portraits in outdoor settings. Jeans and casual tops work well for high school kids when taking pictures outside. Choose different colored outfits that represent what you are like. Bring outfits that reflect your different sides: trendy, classic, sports, formal. Variety makes for an interesting set of pictures.
2. Long sleeve shirts and blouses work well on adults to hide bare arms. Short sleeves work well on kids and teenagers.
3. Long pants tend to look best. In general, it's best not to wear shorts. Bare legs do not always photograph well.
4. Couples or families should consider complimentary colors with the same brightness range. The group should wear similar colors so that the colors don't clash.
5. Medium to dark shades tend to make a person look slimmer.
6. Solid colors and simple patterns tend to look best, but bold colors and patterns can add interest to a picture.
7. Try to make sure that your shoes match your outfit.
8. Press your clothes to avoid a wrinkled look. Bring them to the session on hangers.
9. Avoid really busy and distracting patterns if possible like bold stripes and plaids.
10. Avoid logos on shirts unless it is a favorite shirt. An exception to this might be a shirt with a school, work or team logo.
11. Avoid a lot of jewelry and don't wear a watch. It is often best to keep jewelry simple.
12. Stripes running horizontally tend to make you appear wider.
13. Bulky and baggy clothing can make you look heavier.
14. Guys should normally be free of facial stubble so it is best to shave before the photo session.
15. Flesh colored undergarments tend not to show. Sometimes it's best to try on an outfit at home and check it out in the mirror to make sure there are no potential problems. Be aware that the straps of undergarments sometimes show around the edges of tops.
16. Avoid wearing white or brightly colored socks.

Do you have any suggestions for grooming on the day of the photo shoot?
1. Make sure nails are trimmed and clean.
2. Simple hairstyles and natural-looking makeup tend to work best.
3. Bring hair and makeup supplies for touch-ups (if you wear makeup at all).
4. Girls tend to look better in photos with at least some makeup on to emphasize eyes and lips and to cover up blemishes. Lighter colors tend to look better for lipstick (e.g., pinks, corals, lighter reds).
5. Don't worry about acne or any other type of blemish since that can retouched on the final print.

When will I be able to view my proofs and order my prints?
In most cases, I will make your images available for viewing at my web site within 7-10 days from the photo session. You will be able to select your favorite photos from the comfort of your home. You can password-protect your photos as my web site for private viewing if you so choose. Photo galleries typically stay up for 60 days. Prints can be ordered at any time through my web site.

Do you retouch the images?
Yes. Prints are edited and retouched in my studio for sharpness, blemish removal and other enhancements.